25 marzo 2007 - Buttrio (Ud)



Race Bullettin N. 1


1. The race map “Ronchi di Buttrio” is in scale 1:10.000 with 5 meters equidistance,  map survey was done in march 2006 with latest up-dating in autumn of the same year. In case of rain waterrepellant envelopes will be available in the pre-start area. Point description is printed on the map, top left; it will also be available at pre-start.

2. The race environment is charactarized nmainly by two types of terrain:

(a) hilly with vineyard cultivation;

(b) hill slopes that in some points may present steep climbs with thick vegetation.

If the weather is rainy because soil is clayey  we advise to use shoes and clothing fitting also for crossing heavy underwood.

3. It is mandatory to respect private properties and the Road Code.

4. It is absolutely forbidden to cross (in any direction) the vineyards, for explicit request of the owners that kindly give us the possibility to use their terrains.

5. Starting point is more then 10’ walk from meeting point, height difference 40 mt, marked with a plastic tape.

7. The electronic marking system Sport-Ident will be used. The loss of the rented marker will imply payment of a € 25 fee.

8. At the start, immediately near the entry point to pre-start -2’, will be positioned to zero setting stations (Clear) of each own electronic marker; the competitor has to autonomously carry out this operation before entering the pre-start area.

9. Chest numbers must be returned after the finish line while, chest numbers for  competitors that did not start and the rented sicards must be returned by the team leader to the Race Office.

10. Prize cerimony will take place at 13.30 circa in the arrival area.

11. Maximum time 2h.

12. judges:



Friuli Mtb & Orienteering of Udine

wishes all athletes a Good Race.