International Youth Orienteering Trophy – Relay

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LIGNANO 29.08.2020 – SPRINT

Date: Sunday 30th august 2020
Place: Palmanova (UD)
Meeting point: 9:30 AM, at the gym of the secondary school P. Zorutti, borgo Aquileia 9, Palmanova (UD) (45.677956,13.1203605)
Type of competition: mixed sprint relay
: from 11:00 AM, expected 2 start offs
Prize ceremony: at Palamonova Piazza Grande di Palmanova around 01:00 PM.

Map: Palmanova. Scale 1:4000, equidistance 2 meters. Symbology: ISSprOM 2019.
Produced 2011. Updated 2020. Pending approval.
Terrain: town centre, city parks, open terrain outside the walls of the fortress
Categories: YOUNG (M14, W14, M16, W16), JUNIOR (M18, W18, M20, W20)
Punching: the electronic punching system with si-card will be used. In case the athlete does not have one of his ownership one will be provided by the organization.

Technical committee
Technical delegate:
Bettega Adriano
Race director
: Di Bert Paolo
Course setter: Collodet Stefano
Controller: Mukhidinov Serhiy
Start judge
: Genuzio Aldo
Finish line judge
: Cojutti Luciano
: Sarra Mariangela
Data processing
: Mitri Denis
Speaker: Ciriani Alessia


Extract from the federal technical regulation:
3.2. Interdiction of the competition ground
– Unless specifically granted by the National Technical Commission, for the 3rd and 4th level competitions, the area in which the race will take place is forbidden to all members from the moment the calendar is published; …
The Organization must monitor compliance with this rule and report any infringements to the appointed Competition Judge.
– For competitions in urbanized areas, the ban does not apply, but the use of local maps with the times indicated above is prohibited in these areas.

Old map
ISSprOM 2019
What has changed from ISSOM 2007 to ISSprOM 2019

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